Where, when, and how to bring the ski season to a close? There is every indication that in 2020 the WildGuru team will close the winter season in Georgia with a backcountry camp on Khorisar volcano! How was it in 2019?

See the photo report on the 4th international backcountry camp on Khorisar volcano!

Owing to heavy snowfalls at the beginning of winter, and cold weather in February and March, the snow was excellently preserved at all heights. As a result, every day was powder day! It was a great pleasure to ski on fluffy, wintery snow in April.

As always, the team was a strong and motivated one. Taking advantage of the good weather, on the second day of the camp we had already reached the highest point — Big Khorisar — for the first time in several years we managed to do this exclusively by ski tour, without having to break trail on foot. There were insane views and an excellent descent to the tents.

Over the next twenty-four hours, more than half a meter of flakes fell! ‘Powder Day’ was held under conditions of limited visibility, the advantage of Khorisar being that there are excellent places for skiing away from the dangerous areas and closer to visual landmarks. A pleasant addition to a full day’s skiing with a ski tour descent of 1,100 m was the continuous digging out of the tents in the evening, since the intensity of snowfall had only increased.

The next day, Small Khorisar became an ideal place for skiing. The number of different lines from this volcano makes it possible to ski safely even in the most difficult snow conditions, with each line being new and unique.

On the final day of the camp, we were delighted with a completely new line from Small Khorisar! And by 19:00 we were already drinking wine in the WildGuru Hostel.

Khorisar is waiting for you again next year! 😉
Photo: Pablo Furso, Dmitriy Mikhaylov, Maria Krasnova, Serban Ionescu, Lev Zakharov, Yury Ivanov

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