One guide will work with the group of two (and two guides for the group of three or four) throughout the expedition to back you on technical sections of the trail. We will also carry out training with alpine climbing gear to ensure that we safely traverse glaciers and pass the key route sections. All the gear we use is certified by UIAA.


Smooth adaptation to high altitudes is a cornerstone of any successful ascent. The acclimatization plan comprises three stages: 1) a round trip to the Koruldi Lakes and hike to 3,300 m; 2) an overnight stop at 2,900 m; 3) and a radial hike to 4,200–4,300 m on the fourth day of our expedition.

We will carry backpacks for a maximum of four hours a day. The rest of the time will be dedicated to recovery and adaptation to a new altitude threshold. And of course, we will have a reserve day in case of inclement weather or for more rest/better acclimatization.


We will take care of all arrangements. We will organize a private transfer from Tbilisi/Kutaisi to Svaneti, arrange accommodation in Mestia, and provide you with comfortable tents and full three meals a day during the climbing expedition. We will also ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, including personal climbing gear if needed.


dates 2022/23:

on request

9 days

guiding ratio:




Arrival/departure city: Tbilisi or Kutaisi (depending on your flight).

You will need to arrive at least one day before the start of the programme. We will arrange a private car transfer from any of these cities for all participants.

Day 1

We take a car transfer from Tbilisi/Kutaisi to Mestia in Svaneti. Travel time from Tbilisi takes about 8 hours, from Kutaisi—4.5 hours. We check into a guest house in Mestia and get some rest.

Day 2

Day of initial acclimatization. We take a car transfer to the Koruldi Lakes (2,740 m) and hike to 3,300 m. Later we return to the guest house, pack our backpacks and prepare for the start of our expedition planned for the next day.

Daily climb: 550 vertical meters, travel time: 3–4 hours.

Day 3

We take a car transfer to the Tetnuldi ski resort (2,780 m) and hike to 2,900 m. Set up a camp, have lunch and get some rest.

Daily climb: 300 vertical meters, travel time: 2–3 hours.

Day 4

We hike to the base camp at 3,700 m. Set up a camp, have lunch and get some rest.

Daily climb: 800 vertical meters, travel time: 3–4 hours.

Day 5

We hike to 4,200–4,300 m for acclimatization and have technical training with alpine climbing gear. Later that day, we return to the camp and prepare for an early morning summit climb.

Day 6

Summit day! We get up at 2–3 pm, have breakfast and take off. After the summit, we descent to the base camp.

Daily climb: 1,100–1,200 vertical meters, travel time: 10–14 hours.

Day 7

Reserve day in case of bad weather.

Day 8

We pack up the camp, descent to Tetnuldi resort, and take a car transfer to Mestia. Check into the guest house and get a well-deserved rest after the expedition.

Daily descent: 800—900 vertical meters, travel time: 4—5 hours.

Day 9

We take a car transfer back to Tbilisi/Kutaisi. End of the programme.

We will stay in a guest house in Mestia for the first two nights and one night at the end of the programme. Breakfast is included; dinner is available at the guest house/restaurants and is charged separately. We will live in tents during the climbing expedition.

We provide meals for participants throughout the ascent (three meals a day and snacks). Of course, we will discuss the menu with you in advance and take into account your individual preferences.

  • If you are allergic to food or have specific preferences, please indicate this in your application.

The daytime temperature at the base camp (3,700 m) is usually +5...+15°C (+41...+59°F)  but can drop to 0°C (+32°F) as well. The night temperature can be 0...−5°C (+23...+32°F). We also expect it to be much colder at the summit: to −5 ...−15°C (+5...+23°F)

We recommend a sleeping bag with −5°C...−10°C (+5°F...+14°F) comfort limits and a sleeping pad with an R-value of at least 2.

We will carry heavy backpacks (18–20 kg) for the first two days of the expedition. After setting up the base camp, we will drop all the camping gear and food there and hike/climb fast and light (with a down jacket, thermos, snacks, and climbing gear in the backpack).

Please consult the packing list featuring our comments and recommendations. If you are not sure about your gear or simply need some advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Price includes

  • guide (two guides for a group of 3–4 people);
  • all transfers from Tbilisi/Kutaisi and back, and in between;
  • accommodation in Mestia (3 nights);
  • group gear (tents, ropes, ice screws, GPS, carbines, walkie-talkies, etc.);
  • personal climbing gear (crampons, ice axe, harness and helmet);
  • meals during the climbing expedition;
  • first aid kit.

The price does not include

  • dinners during your stay in Mestia;
  • medical/evacuation insurance;
  • alcohol;
  • tips for guides.