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We often hear questions about the weather in winter in Gudauri from tourists who are planning a trip to a ski resort. This is understandable – after all, you need to know in advance what clothes to take and what to prepare mentally for. For plenty of people, the weather is an important criterion for the choice of the time of the trip. Of course, it is clear that it is does not stay the same every year. However, the general trends and statistics do exist, and it is not so difficult to characterize the whole winter period in Gudauri. Well, let’s start.

Snow cover

At first, let us talk about the most significant part. All in all the amount of snow on the slopes and out of bounds is what mostly bothers many skiers.
However, riding near Gudauri can often be available from October until the end of May – it is, of course, ski tour only.

The season usually opens in Gudauri in the 20-th days of December – as a rule until this time falls enough snow for skiing in the resort. By the way, it is now much safer to plan your vacation at the end of the year because of the resort is now equipped with snow cannons. The general weather trend in Gudauri strives for heavy snowfall for a few days and fair weather between snowfalls. Strong winds in Gudauri occur not that often. Big fronts approach resort with intervals of a week or two from the sea, and within 3-5 days, we have enormous precipitation in the form of a long-awaited snow! Snowpack refreshment is generally associated with atmospheric fronts, not with local weather phenomenon. So, what is the conclusion? If you have the opportunity to plan a trip with flexible dates, then observe weather forecasts! In addition, it will be no harm to contact the local guides, who are constantly monitoring trends in the weather and always ready to share their observations.

Concerning groomers – everything is more predictable and clear: despite the southern exposure of the resort, there is always enough snow, with the exception of extraordinary climatic anomalies.

Weather in Gudauri by month

Weather in Gudauri in December

20 years ago in December Gudauri was already covered with a thick layer of snow. Skiing in the region began in the early – mid November. However, the weather changed, and December does not give us that much snow anymore. Yet, it is common, that we have stable snow cover by 15-20 of December. The snow at this time is fluffy and light. Nevertheless, not everything is so rosy. There are anomalous years when there is no snow in December. More precisely, there is some, but certainly not enough to ski at the resort. Yet, if you travel to Guadauri for the snowfall, keep in mind that December powder surfing is one of the best in the whole season.

Weather in Gudauri in January

Usually, January is warm enough; the average temperature fluctuations during the day and night are in the range between -12 ° C … -2 ° C. In addition, January is famous for its calm weather, so this month is very comfortable for skiing and recreation in Gudauri. Every 1-2 weeks snow fronts come from the South, the result is a heavy snowfall. Between the fronts weather is stable: clear and sunny. One snowfall can result in 1-2 meters of fresh powder, which is gradually shrunk during the anticyclone and forms a stable snow substrate until the next heavy snowfall.

Weather in Gudauri in February

February is the coldest month in Gudauri. Daytime temperatures sometimes reach -15 C °, and at night, in particularly cold days, it can fall below -20 ° C. In February, the amount of snow is usually the largest versus other months. It is the favorite month of freeriders chasing pow in couloir. However, sometimes strong winds and fog occur this time of the year. Though it is worth mentioning that weather on the lower lines of the resort is generally calm, the wind accelerates only at the top, so it does not concern with resort skiing.

Weather in Gudauri in March

As in many other mountains, March is not always predictable in terms of weather. In spring in the mountains local phenomenon begin to form, which sometimes bring unexpected, but very pleasing snowfalls. In general, the overall trends remain the same: there are many clear sunny days, which are replaced by snowfalls, sometimes with the wind. In March snowfalls are not only front dependent, but are also local, associated with moisture evaporation and almost immediate precipitation as fresh snow. The peculiarity of this month is that the weather can change rapidly throughout the day: a clear morning sky can change into clouds in the afternoon. Winds are moderate. Several times a month there can be days with a very strong wind, but this is usually not for long. The temperature in general is similar to January: approximately -12 ° C … -2, and it is already possible to sunbathe. The snow cover is stable in March, and it is especially pleasant to ride in the high part of the resort and tour the surrounding mountains.

Weather in Gudauri in April

Almost always April is gentle, warm and sunny. The ideal time for measured skiing, training, as well as ski tour. The night temperature rarely falls below -10 °, and day varies mainly around 0 ° C. During the day, the sun is already very warm. There is quite a lot of snow, but it becomes spring-like: the crust can be formed during the night, in the morning state is just wonderful, and during the day the snow melts. It is a big difference in the condition of snow on the lower and upper lift lines.

Weather forecast in Gudauri

Concerning that all forecasts are based on data from weather stations, the situation with it in Gudauri is not as good as we would like. Few weather stations located nearby share their data with sites that produce forecasts. Each winter season we collect forecasts statistics uprightness from various weather websites. Moreover, we have access to a local weather station that spreads information online. Analysis of data from multiple sites, local weather station and our experience allow us to predict the weather with good probability.

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We wish you good weather and excellent travel in Gudauri!