Paragliding in Gudauri

Paragliding with an instructor is an exciting adventure, which will make your ski resort experience even more intense!

What do I need to fly?

On a bright day if you see where paragliders are starting and landing, you can come to an instructor or his assistant (you can recognise them by their bright coats) and make an arrangement for a flight. If you want to order a flight beforehand or get more information, just call us: +995 595 16 22 55. You can also write us an e-mail:

How does it happen?

First, instructor and his assistant prepare equipment for a start. After you’ve been safely buckled into a harness and checked for flight-readiness, the pilot commands to start. Then suddenly you can’t feel the ground under your feet, and you see the mountain, the skiers and the snowboarders, houses and the ropeway from a bird’s view. The flight lasts 10-15 min.: you’re enjoying strange new feelings, taking photos from above and just flying! But, as they say, you can congratulate a pilot only after a successful landing. So, the ground becomes nearer and nearer. The pilot helps you to position yourself properly before landing. When you touch the ground you need simply to stand on your feet. It’s not that hard, is it?

About safety

Paragliding is an extreme sport, and safety is very important. To guarantee a safe flight you need appropriate weather, an experienced instructor and good equipment. Our instructor is an experienced and licenced tandem pilot and can officially fly with passengers. All equipment, which we use satisfies international standards. It means that it has passed all necessary safety tests.

Price (10-15 min)
200-250 lari
HD video shooting included
Price (25 and more min)
300 lari
HD video shooting included