This route runs through the big mountains of Svaneti, out to sea and then goes back to Tbilisi through the beautiful region of Georgia – Borjomi. This program combines traveling by car to beautiful places, one-day trekking to the glacier, waterfalls, museums and other cultural and natural places of interests .Program especially appeal to those who like to spend time actively, walking and climbing to the most interesting places, where buses cannot drive to.

This tour includes 6 nights in tents and 3 nights in guest houses, but the program is very easy to adjust to suit your preference for overnight places.

Day 1

  • Meeting in Tbilisi in the morning, starting the route
  • Cave of Prometheus (tour)
  • Transfer to Okatse Canyon, walk along the canyon
  • Overnight in tents


kanyon okace

Day 2

  • Walk to the waterfall “Insira”
  • Inspection of the Inguri hydroelectric power station
  • Transfer to Mazeri
  • Overnight in tents

Mezeri Vodopad


inguri ges

Day 3

  • Trekking to Ushba falls
  • Overnight in tents

ushba vodopad

Day 4

  • Hike to the glacier Chaladi
  • Ascent by the cable car or by auto to an altitude of 3000 m ski resort Tetnuld
  • Moving to the pass Ugiri
  • Overnight in tents



Day 5

  • Drive to the heart of Svaneti – Ushguli
  • Tracking to Bezengi wall and mount Shkhara
  • Overnight in Ushguli in the guest house


Day 6

  • Transfer to Mestia
  • Trekking to the lakes Koruldi
  • Overnight in Mestia in guesthouse

ozera koruldi

Day 7

  • Mestia. Museum of Soviet legendary climber Michael Hergiani
  • Museum of History and Ethnography.
  • Moving to the sea, relaxation, swimming
  • Overnight at the hotel


Day 8

  • Leisure at sea
  • Trekking in the Batumi Botanical Garden
  • Moving to the pass Goderdzi
  • Overnight in tents


Day 9

  • Transfer to Borjomi
  • Trekking through the National Park “Borjomi”
  • Overnight in tents

borzhomi treking

Day 10

  • Swimming in the warm springs in Borjomi
  • Cave City Uplestsihe
  • The old capital of Georgia – Mtskheta
  • Jvari Monastery
  • Return to Tbilisi

borzhomi istochniki


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Route duration
9 days
The lengh of the route
Min. number of persons