Ski touring offers freeriders excellent opportunities to ride in completely new far off locations! Untouched deep snow has never been so close!



Teaching the ski tour ascend techniques, teaching to use ski touring gear and take care of it, improving avalanche sensor operation skills, studying and analyzing snowpack, selecting safe lines of ascend and descend.


confident skiers and snowboarders with previous backcountry riding experience.

As freeride is becoming increasingly popular, those who prefer wild lands have to move further and further away from well-known tourist destinations. This is where ski touring and split board gear comes in. It helps you move not only faster, but also easier. At ski tour school, you will learn to use specialized gear. We will thoroughly study the structure of snow and avalanche risk assessment methods. You will acquire hands-on experience of selecting ascend lines and putting knowledge of mountain relief into practice. And, what’s most important, we will spend every day in a new location, finding new ski touring and freeriding opportunities.

Program cost includes:

two experienced instructors/guides assisting the group, rental of individual avalanche gear (avalanche sensor, shovel and probe), transfers.

Scope of the program:

  • improving riding technique;
  • basics of avalanche safety;
  • avalanche rescue;
  • organization and tactics of riding on avalanche prone slopes;
  • analysis and riding on various types of relief, selection of appropriate lines;
  • basics of meteorology;
  • study and analysis of snow layers;
  • ascend and descend techniques with the help of ski tour;
  • up to date ski touring gear;
  • seminars on freeride gear and present day freeride trends.

Compulsory gear:

  • backback adjusted to carry skis or a snowboard;
  • telescopic ski poles;
  • helmet.

Available for rent:

skis and split boards for the Ski tour school.

Detailed program of the School

Day 1. Snow pit procedures and first experience with ski touring gear


10:00 am. Gathering, acquaintance with the group. Warm-up piste rides to determine the participants’ level. Discussion of typical errors and recommendations on how to improve riding technique.  Snow pit procedures: snow layer studies, avalanche risk assessment. First experience with ski touring gear, basic ski touring techniques. Ascend of an easy peak in the vicinity of the report and a subsequent descend.

Evening. Seminar on avalanche safety. Summing up the day’s results.

Day 2. Searching for avalanche sensors, transporting people affected by an avalanche


10:00 am. Gathering, warm-up descend. Ski tour to Mount Chrdili, improving ascending technique. Using avalanche gear, methods of searching and transporting people affected by an avalanche Ski tour to Mount Chrdili, improving ascending technique in a potentially dangerous area. Group interactions. Evening. Seminar on rules of behavior in a potentially avalanche prone location. How to select safe routes of ascend and descend on avalanche prone slopes. Summing up the day’s results.

Day 3. Ski tour


10:00 am. Gathering, warm-up descend. Ski tour to far off areas of the resort, improving turning techniques, practicing on relief. Snow pit procedures performed by school participants, studies and analysis of snow layers. Route update, if necessary. Selection of a descend line and faultless riding.

Video recording for further analysis.

Evening. Seminar on up to date backcountry and freeride gear, trends, popular freeride locations and personalities. Viewing the videos recorded and analysis.

Day 4. Ski tour, far off locations


9:30 am. Gathering, warm-up piste rides. Off-piste riding on various types of relief. Using avalanche sensors, searching several goals, practicing actions during a rescue operation.

Freeride descent from Mount Bidara or Mount Sadzele to the Georgian Military Road. Selection of the safest descend line and faultless riding. Video recording for home archives.

Evening. Discussing the route for the following day, checking maps, selecting ascend and descend lines.

Day 5. Role of a guide


9:30 am. Final day. Gathering and transfer for the starting point. Ski tour to a far off location (third level program). Each participant performs the role of a guide, in turn. Unassisted selection of an ascend line, avalanche risk assessment. Selection of an optimum descend line, distribution of roles.

Evening. Summing up the day’s results, further feedback. End of school party.

5 days
4 to 8 people
600 lari
The rate for one person
Date 1
24-28 January
Date 2
21-25 February
Date 3
14-18 March
Date 4
4-8 April
Date 5
11-15 April
Date 6
Custom dates