This is one of the longest and at the same time amazing hiking in Georgian mountains. It starts in Alpine village of Juta. The first days of the route are close to Chaukhi array – a system of rugged mountains, towering above the sea at an altitude of over 3,500 meters. At the foot of the array Abudelaurskie lake is situated – the lake of glacial origin. After several passes and settlement Shatili we get into the most remote region of Georgia – Tusheti. This region is surrounded by mountains, and here is only one road – 70 km through the Abano Pass, height is about 3000 meters above sea level. By the way, the road is only opened in the summer, and it is no less memorable than the hike! From Shatili we will follow mountain trails on foot, the end point is the Omalo village, which, by the way, many people have seen in the movie “Mimino” – here episodes were filmed with the helicopter. Tracking “Chaukhi – Omalo” – one of the most complex and diverse among the possible trekking routes – those who are ready for 2 weeks absence in civilization and plunge into camp life will surely like it.


The cost of the trekking program “Chaukhi – Omalo” includes:

  • Three meals a day throughout the campaign;
  • Guide service;
  • The use of boilers and gas appliances for cooking;
  • Group first-aid kit;
  • Gas cylinders;
  • Tbilisi – Juta and Omalo – Tbilisi transfer.

 Not included

  • Flight to Tbilisi;
  • Personal equipment;
  • Food in the cafe.

Detailed program

Day 1. Meeting of the group in Tbilisi. Distribution of products, equipment, collection of backpacks. Moving to Juta settlement. Sightseeing along the way. From the village of Juta yield sloping path to Chaukhi array. Setting up a camp and rest.


Day 2. The most difficult day. In the morning we gather the camp and move by an average steepness trail to the Chaukhi pass. After we have a rest, we begin to descent to the lake at the foot of the mountain. Setting up the camp and rest.


Day 3. Following flat dirt trail in a nearby valley to the village of Ataba. Next we will have a smooth climb to the grassy clearings where we will stay for overnight.


Day 4. On this day, following the old shepherd’s trails we will reach a ridge with beautiful views of the Chaukhi array. Then we descent into the valley with the river, on whose banks we will have an overnight.


Day 5. Rest day.


Day 6. We follow dirt road to the village of Shatili, there we inspect the ancient fortifications and stop outside the village for an overnight.


Day 7. Gathering our camp and heading out to the valley. We follow the trail until we reach 1800m height, there on the riverbank will be our camp.


Day 8. Dirt trails will lead us to the ridge at an altitude of about 2500 meters above sea level. Then we go into a wide valley to the pass Atsunta. Overnight is directly next to pass on a flat grassy area near the spring.


Day 9. Ascent to the pass height of 3500 meters above sea level and down to the valley. Then we follow path to the clearing on the riverbank, where we will set up a camp.


Day 10. Going back into civilization. We will follow mountain trails, passing villages Parsma, Chesho and Dano, arriving at the village Dartlo for a stop at campsite.


Day 11. Hike to the Omalo village there we will visit the museum and complex of towers. After that we we will set up a camp and have barbecue!

Tusheti is a historic region in northeast Georgia.

Day 12. Transfer from Omalo to Tbilisi through one of the most beautiful and impressive automobile roads of Georgia.


Day 13. Reserve day in case of bad weather.


The list of necessary personal equipment

  • Jacket;
  • Pants;
  • Raincoat or membrane jacket and pants;
  • Fleece jacket;
  • Fleece pant;
  • Base layer;
  • Headdress from the sun (buff, bandana, baseball cap);
  • Beanie;
  • Hiking boot;
  • Socks (preferably thermal socks);
  • Lightweight slipper / sandal / flip flops / shoes for the camp;
  • Spare items (t-shirts, shorts, socks, spare fleece, underwear);
  • Cup, a spoon, a bowl;
  • Flashlight (preferably headlamp);
  • Trekking poles;
  • Personal hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush);
  • Towel;
  • Personal first aid kit (individual drugs, plasters);
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses;
  • Sleeping bag (comfort about 10);
  • Mat;
  • Tent (one per 2-3 persons);
  • Camera

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Min. number of persons
Route durations
13 days
Weight of the backpack
25 kg
Route durations per day
about 18 km
Price (3-6 persons)
Price (7-10 persons)