Luzhba is a small railway station concealed within the vast expanses of Siberia. The same Siberia we are shown in the movies: with log cabins in snowdrifts, tall fir trees capped with snow, red clumps of mountain ash covered with hoarfrost, and no civilization for kilometers around. This is a place where one wants to live simply: whiling away the evenings in warm-hearted conversation, sweating in a Russian steam bath, playing board games with logs crackling in the fireplace…

And Luzhba is also great for ski tours. The village, consisting of several houses, is surrounded on all sides by wooded hills. October sees the first snowfalls here, and by December the snow cover can already be several meters deep. The forest serves as a natural barrier that shelters the snow from the wind, while the hard frost preserves it for a long time.

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About the program:

Month: December
Duration of the program: 7 days
Dates: upon individual request
Minimum/maximum group size: 2/6 persons

It is suitable for skiers and splitboarders who are competent at using their , and who are prepared to make daily ascents of at least 1,000 m and dream of enjoying rides on the Siberian powder snow.

Price per person: 850 €
Location of start and end of the program: Novokuznetsk

Important information

Ski tours in Siberia require a particular approach when selecting equipment. Sometimes the amount of fresh snow exceeds a meter, so we recommend taking skis with a waist width of at least 110 mm. If you are not sure about your equipment, please write to us.

We will be ski touring in Luzhba from the very moment of arrival: immediately after checking in there will be a short avalanche training session, after which we immediately go to ride on the powder. The following days we’ll be ski touring and freeriding.

Daily climb: 1000-1500 meters. Since it gets dark early in December, it is necessary to wake up no later than 7:00, and be ready for ski touring no later than 9:00. On the final day, we ride until lunchtime, come back and collect our things. The train leaves at 15:32.


How to get to Luzhba

The most convenient route would be like this: Your city – Novokuznetsk – Mezhdurechensk – Luzhba.

  1. Arrival in Novokuznetsk the evening before the beginning of the program: meeting with the guide, purchasing food, preparing for the trip.
  2. The next morning, departure to Mezhdurechensk. Meeting 5:00 at the railway station, from where the regional train departs.
  3. After two hours we change trains in Mezhdurechensk, get on the train to Luzhba, and at 9:11 we will already be at our destination.

What to bring with you

  • Ski tour kit (splitboard / skis)
  • Transmitter, probe, shovel
  • Backpack 20-30 liter
  • Helmet
  • Sleeping bag

*A full checklist of equipment is available on request

Please be aware that night temperatures can sometimes drop to -30 ° C, while daytime temperatures range from -10°C to -15°C. Be sure to bring warm gloves and an extra down jacket!


Accommodation and meals

We will be staying in a Siberian log cabin, which is heated by a stove. The kitchen is situated on the lower floor, while the upper floor has space for sleeping. The Internet connection will only be good enough to check emails, so freeriding will be left as the main entertainment 🙂
The guide prepares food for everyone, but will be happy if someone joins in the process and cooks their own specialty or national dish.

Price includes

  • RMGA guide services
  • Transfer from Novokuznetsk to Luzhba and back
  • Accommodation and meals

Price does not include

  • Air fare
  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Accommodation in Novokuznetsk

Applications to take part in the program, or any queries can be sent to
+995 595162255 (Mobile, WhatsApp, Viber)

7 days
Minimum group size
2 persons
Maximum group size
6 persons
Date 1
26.11 - 2.12.2020
Date 2
5.12 - 11.12.2020
Date 3
14.12 - 20.12.2020
Date 4
23.12 - 29.12.2020
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