We are convinced that for off-piste skiing it is necessary to possess of a variety of ski and snowboard techniques and skillful combining of them.


Progress in skiing, which allow you to be confident off-piste and discover new routes and ski areas; obtaining necessary freeride skills. Learning how to work with avalanche equipment, choosing the right line of ascents and descents, the tactics of behavior in a group and decision making. But of course the main thing is the pleasure of skiing.

For whom:

progressing skiers and snowboarders, confidently skiing on-piste and want to develop further.

As a rule, people who feel confident on-piste, already have the skills to successfully develop new routes. Dynamic balance, loading, edging, conducting, unloading and steering – all these elements are present in skiing, but require a delicate adjustment when switching to new types of snow and to difficult terrains.

In off-piste skiing it is very important to be able making quick decisions, make quick turn, slow down or slide. To train those skills we will spend part of the course on-piste, where our instructors will estimate your skiing level and show corrective exercises.

But as you know, you can only learn how to swim only in water, so most of the time our classes will take place off-piste. The slopes of the Gudauri resort allow to pick up the relief so that your adaptation will be smoothly, gradually, safe and as comfortable as possible, the main thing is to enjoy the process of skiing.

The price includes:

escort group with experienced guide-instructor, rental of individual avalanche equipment (avalanche beacon, shovel and probe), transfers according to the program.

Goals of the program:

  • improving skiing technique;
  • learning the basics of avalanche safety;
  • organization of search and rescue;
  • training of organisation and tactics riding on avalanche slopes;
  • learning to read the terrain and move through, choosing the right line;
  • basics of meteorology;
  • study and analysis of snow layers;
  • seminars on current trends in equipment and freeride.

Required equipment:

  • backpack to convey the ski / snowboard;
  • telescopic poles;
  • helmet.

Possible rental:

freeride skis, skis for skitouring and splitboards

A detailed program of the school:

Day 1. Technique.


10:00 Meeting with the group. Warm-ups runs  to determine the level of the group and objectives of the course. Correction of technique, correction of mistakes, and work with the necessary elements. Introduction to snow pits – the study of the snow layers, the evaluation of avalanche danger.

Evening. The seminar about avalanche safety. Videos of avalanche incidents and their analysis.

Day 2: Introduction to freeride.


10:00 Meeting, warm up runs and the continuation of work on technique correction . The gradual shift to off-piste skiing.

The ascent to the mountain Kudebi, incredible descent on route “Rock Garden”, improvement of technique on the freeride descent. Introduction to avalanche beacons, search for a single target.

The ascent to mountain Chrdili. The tactics of optimal walking ascent. The distribution of roles in the group. Freeride from mountain with working out the optimal variant of descent.

Evening. The seminar about the rules of being in potential avalanche region. Choosing the safest route of ascent and descent on avalanche slopes. The movie and videos on selecting the correct line of descent.

Day 3. Snow pit.


10:00 Meeting, warm on the slopes, descents under the ski lifts. Repeating of used elements. Shooting runs on video.

Freeride descents from Sadzele mountain to the foot of the mountain Bidara. On terrain determination of avalanche areas, the tactics of their passing. The study of snow pit by participants of the program, the definition of weak layers. The descent down the long couloir to the Georgian Military Road.

Evening. Seminar on modern equipment for backcountry and freeride, the trends, the most popular locations and the personalities of the world of freeriding. Viewing of footage and analysis.

Day 4. Freeride as it is.


10:00 Meeting, warm runs on the slopes. Off-piste skiing on different types of terrain. Working with avalanche beacons, search for multiple targets, working out the algorithms of actions in the rescue operation.

Freeride descent from the Bidara mountain or Sadzele mountain to the Georgian Military Road. Choosing the most secure line and its clear passage. Shooting videos for home.

Evening. Discussion of the route the next day, browsing of maps, selection of lines of ascent and descent.

Day 5. In the role of a guide.


8:30 final day. Meeting and transfer to the starting point. Ski tour to the remote region (the program of the third level). Each participant works alternately as a guide. Independent selection of ascent lines, assessment of avalanche danger. Selection of the optimal line of descent, the distribution of roles.

In the evening debriefing, further recommendations. Banquet in honor of the completion of the school.

All those who are deeply in the snow and not so, join us! Welcome to Freeride!


5 days
500 lari
The cost of the program is for a single person
Date 1
3-7 January
Date 2
2-6 February
Date 3
6-10 March
Date 4
27-31 April
Date 5
individual dates