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DSC 0491CASS_Sergey_Ichenec

Sergey Ichenets

Sergey is a freeride guide, mountain guide, coach of the Freeride School and Ski Tour School, author of WildGuru’s freeride programs.

He has 10 years’ snowboarding experience (including ski touring).The member of Russian Mountain Guides Association. Sergey has organized numerous backcountry camps and other winter events in Tien-Shan, Caucasus and Carpathian mountains. He holds an international certificate for completing mountain first aid courses. Mountaineering experience: winter and summer ascends of the Caucasus and Tien-Shan, second category in mountaineering, managing mountain ascends, practice as a guide during summer tracking and ascends of the Caucasus.


Mikhailov Dmitry

Freeride/ski tour guide

The member of Russian Mountain Guides Association. Skiing experience: more than 15 years. After several years of sports training and participation in competitions was the assistant coach for the ski school. Since 2012, devoted himself exclusively to off-piste skiing: ski-tour travel, ski mountaineering ascents, including a lot of first descents in different parts of the World.



Konstantin Bartosz

Freeride guide, Freeride School teacher.

The member of Russian Mountain Guides Association. Various riding regions: the Andes, the Alps, the Tien-Shan, the Sayan, Transbaikalia, Mount Sinai, Sheregesh, Mamai, Luzhba, Hibiny Caucasus.