Paragliding in Georgia

In this article you will find necessary and useful information for planning a trip to Georgia by car: from the moment of crossing the Georgian border and ending with organizational guidelines, as well as the subtleties and nuances of driving.

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Useful phone numbers

How to call from your mobile?

To call from a foreign mobile phone number in the Georgia, you must enter: + 995, then the area code or mobile operator, then the phone number..

Rescue service (police, fire, ambulance): 112

Georgian patrol police: +995 322 418 502.

Operational officer of Border Police of Georgia: +995 32 2370417

Hot line of Georgia Road Department: +995 32 2313076


  • +995 032 211 808
  • +995 032 2050302 (Daily)

If you need a tow truck, you can get it via this numbers.

Features of passing Georgian border

Georgian border chekpoints

In total, there are 12 border checkpoints in Georgia (excluding international airports):

Name of the checkpointName State on the borderRoute numberCheckpoint working hours
1«Upper Lars»RussiaVladikavkaz – Tbilisi*daily
2«Ninotsminda»ArmeniaAkhalkalaki – Gyumri
3«Guguti»ArmeniaЕ117 Tbilisi – Yerevan
5«Sadakhlo»ArmeniaTbilisi – Vanadzor – Yerevan
6«Red Bridge» («Tsiteli Headey»)AzerbaijanTbilisi – Rustavi – Ganja – Baku
8«Tsodna»AzerbaijanAzerbaijan – Balakan – Telavi
9«Sarpi»TurkeyE70 Batumi – Hopi
10«Vale»TurkeyЕ691 Vale – Posof
11Marine checkpoint «Poti Port»
12Marine checkpoint «Batumi Port»

* Working hours of checkpoint “Upper Lars” may vary depending on the actual load. Specify before leaving.

Temporary importation of the vehicle into the territory of Georgia is free. Insurance is not required.

Operational officer of Border Police of Georgia: +995 32 2370417

Hot line of Georgia Road Department: +995 32 2313076

Documents required for the passage of the Georgian border

  • Valid passport (passport must be valid for the entire period of stay in Georgia)
  • Visa (if necessary). The list of countries, whose citizens require a visa for entry to Georgia, can be viewed here.
  • Driver’s license
  • Power of Attorney with the right to export the vehicle abroad, translated into English (if the car is framed not for you)

You can get acquainted with Georgian border crossing rules here.

Checkpoints of Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Important! Entry into the territory of Georgia through Abkhazia and South Ossetia is illegal. The most optimistic scenario – you will be denied to enter. The same applies to the issue of having a checkpoint “Adler” passport stamp: if it is noticed by the Georgian Border Guard Service – in the best case, you will not pass through the border.


ATTENTION! We remind you that the fuel consumption on the mountain roads is significantly different from the rate in the plains.


The cost of gasoline (at 22.08.2016)

  • Euro Regular (92): GEL 1,59 ($0,7)
  • Premium (95): GEL 1,79 ($0,79)
  • Super (98): GEL 1,95 ($0,85)

Gasoline quality varies depending on the gas station. Here is a list of reliable gas stations:

  • Socar
  • Wissol
  • Gulf
  • Rompetrol

Gas fuel


Where to refuel?

Methane stations in Georgia are fairly common. Exceptions are remote mountain regions: Svaneti, Tusheti, Racha, Georgian Military Road (the last point is a little further after turn to Vladikavkaz, if you go from Tbilisi) and some other places. In any case, it is always recommended to have petrol in the tank as a fallback. The quality of the gas at various gas stations is relatively the same, despite perceived differences in the appearance of petrol stations themselves.

The cost of methane (at 22.08.2016): $0,48-0,57

Adapter: Adapter TN1 GOST


Cost propane – LPG (на 22.08.2016): GEL 1,5 ($0,66)

Propane refills are rare. When a small cylinder capacity Riding Georgia Propane can be difficult. It is better to rely on gasoline and refuel propane if available.


Price (at 22.08.2016): GEL 1,7 ($0,75)

Diesel fuel can be found at any gas station.

Attention! In Georgia, there is no winter diesel is very important to consider this when planning a trip to Georgia in winter.

Traffic laws and driving in Georgia

Traffic laws in Georgia

Below are the main distinguishing points of Georgian SDA. The full text of the Law of Georgia “On Road Traffic” can be found here.

Movement: right sided.

Speed Limit:

  • on the highway – 110 км/ч
  • outside of the settlements – 90 км/ч
  • in the settlements – 60 км/ч
  • in residential areas – 20 км/ч

City beam: required at night or in poor visibility conditions

Transportation of children:

  • Do not carry children under 12 years in the front seat
  • Children up to 3 years – only in car seat
  • Permitted to transport children over 3 years old on the lap of a passenger over 16 years. On the lap of a passenger shall not be more than 1 child
  • Children under 6 years old are prohibited to be left alone in parked cars

The maximum permissible level of alcohol in blood: 3 ‰

Safety belt: mandatory for front seat passenger

Winter tires: not mandatory

Studded tires: permitted

Features of driving in Georgia

The nature of driving.  In Georgia, in comparison with many other countries is sharp bold and unpredictable. However, it is worth noting that there are few accidents. Most drivers violate traffic laws, and it relates to both medium and major restrictions and requirements: turn signals, parking, crossing solid lines, etc.

Local colour  Reduced mainly to three things:

  • In Georgia it is made to solve the complex situation on the road not exclusively by reference to the traffic laws. There are this kind of situations all the time, and it is appropriate to solve them by the instantaneous evaluation of driver’s intentions: looking at the signs is, of course, necessary, but in the eyes of the driver, too.
  • considered absolutely normal some things, that would be unimaginable in many other countries: to stay in the middle of a busy road and start a conversation with a friend, driving in the opposite lane, a little drive through the one-way street against the traffic, “cut” turn directly through the circle, passing the roundabout.
  • Beep can be a way to prevent accidents, but also: 1) expression of impatience – for example traffic jams are usually buzzing all the way; 2) a warning that you need to move, because the driver is not going to slow down.

Interaction with pedestrians. It considered giving way to pedestrians, only intending to start to cross the road. Drivers begin to brake only when they see that the pedestrian is already underway across the street and has no plans to stop. This is a delicate moment and you need to get used to it. Very often, pedestrians cross the road diagonally to the flow of cars and looking into opposite direction: it is a sign that the pedestrian certainly decided to cross the road, and you need to stop.
It is dangerous to politely skip all of the pedestrians: in the best case, you will not be understood by other road users, and in the worst – will create an emergency situation, as drivers traveling behind your car is not ready to the fact that you start to brake, when a pedestrian just stepped off the sidewalk. You also need to know that pedestrians can appear anywhere on the road. In general, people take pedestrians as easy as driving in general.

Parking Georgia parking rules are standard for most countries and road markings are rather good. There is only one point about the big cities: parking lot in the city (especially in the center) belongs to C.T.Park network and is chargeable. Details – on the official website.

Winter driving features in Georgia

First of all, we must understand that Georgia – a mountainous country, so different regions have a completely different terrain, elevation and, of course, the weather. While in warm Kakheti you can drive on perfectly smooth road, lower the car window and enjoy the warmth of the sun, someone will avoid snowdrifts on a serpentine road. Therefore, it is important to examine the route beforehand.

This is especially true to those who are planning a trip across the border Russia – Georgia (“Upper Lars). Special attention should be paid to the passage of “Cross” pass.

Important! Some parts of the mountain roads can be temporarily closed by road services of Georgia:

  • For all vehicle due to an increased risk of an avalanche
  • For non 4WD cars
  • For all vehicles without chains on the drive wheels

Recommended accessories for winter driving on mountain roads in Georgia:

  • The chains on the drive wheels
  • Shovel for clearing snow from the car

IMPORTANT! In Georgia, there is no winter diesel. It is very important to consider this when planning a trip to Georgia in winter using diesel fuel.

We wish all travelers a vivid and memorable trip to Georgia and, of course, safe driving!

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