Splitboard is a snowboard, consisting of two symmetrical parts that connect together for the ride and versed in the “ski”

for uphill.

The easiest way to create a splitboard is to saw your old board into two parts. However, this is not the best idea. The

absence of an internal edge, a plurality of sealed apertures in base that is clearly inferior to the quality of factory

production, partially damaged core, the inability to change the bindings angle, loss of stiffness. This is only a small

part of the problems with a self-made splitboard. Let us leave this idea to testers and tell you about the factory models.

Currently the splitboard market as rich as the market of conventional snowboards:

  • Powder boards;
  • For complex closed terrain;
  • For the huge snow fields;
  • For steep riding;
  • Glacier riding, etc.

Choice principles of selecting splitboard are similar to the choice of simple snowboard: height, shape, hardness. Answer

the question: “For what purpose do I need splitboard?” After analyzing the number of days in the mountains, riding level

and style, a possible dominant ascension/descent terrain you can narrow down to a minimum. Below is a list splitboard

manufacturers with direct links to their official sites:

The kit and splitboard bindings

There are two versions: for soft (standard) snowboard boots and plastic (ski) boot. Lets talk about the first kit for a

soft shoe.

Kit for soft snowboard boots

Splitboard body kit is a set of components required for switching riding and walking modes, includes hooks, brackets,

pucks, heels and so on.
Currently in the world there are about ten different kit variations, among which the two leaders stand out: Voile

and Karakoram.
Both kits are over the years of abuse, reliable and easy to use. Year after year, these manufacturers are improving their

own production. However, during the last few years several new body kits have appeared, among which are worth noting:

Plum, Splitstick, Ranger and Prowder. Each of the

manufacturers produces their own version. Some are sold as a complete package, some in parts. Let us consider every kit in


IMPORTANT!!! ПAlmost all splitboards are equipped with some of the basic elements of kit by Voile or

Karakoram companies. The basic elements include:

  • mounted hooks on the nose and tail of a splitboard;
  • connectors for the two parts of a splitboard.

Exceptions are splitboards from Plum, Prowder and Splitsticks companies, who have their own hooks and connectors. You

should clarify the basic elements of a kit. Below are photos of the basic elements from different companies.

Compatibility Table of basic body kit with different systems:

                      The system ⇒

The base kit ⇓


Karakoram ++++++
Prowder ++++++
Splitsticks +++++
Plum +++++
Ranger +++++

Basic elements of body kit

Splitboard hooks:


 voile-tip-clips           images (1)

Karakoram                                       Voile                                    Prowder

Connection hooks:


      voile_split_hooks_800x800          12079636_926365804091872_7705392065109687240_n

Karakoram                                        Voile                                   Ranger

complete_set_w-extra_sadddles_2_2__1            splitsticks 1

Prowder                                          Splitsticks


This is one of the main manufacturers of splitboarding equipment. Voile kit is most popular in the world. Value for money

is very attractive. No moving and disassembling parts, everything is well and securely screwed to the board. Mounts are

installed in the grooves and fixed with a pin.

Released in three versions:

  1. Voile Split Kit – DIY


Price: $160

For this type of kit fit any standart binding with 4×4 mounting system will fit.

  1. For standard bindings – Voile Splitboard Hardware (Interface) for Standard Bindings



Price: $160

For this type of body kit suitable for mounting:

  • Any standart binding with 4×4 mounting system will fit;
  • Voile, Spark, Volkl, SP, Burton

IMPORTANT!!! K2 Mounts are compatible only with K2 boots.

  1. For splitboard bindings – Voile Splitboard Hardware for Splitboard Bindings



Price: $100

For this type of kit fit following bindings are suitable, Spark, Volkl, SP, Burton, K2.

All three versions are sold without Voile crampons and bindings.

Crampons: Voile Splitboard Crampons.

Price – $110

IMPORTANT!!! K2 Mounts are compatible only with K2 boots.


This kit is fundamentally different from the Voile concept. Well proven in a variety of operating conditions. The body kit

consists of smaller pieces and has small moving parts. Fasteners are mounted on a special platform and secured with pins

embedded in them. In 2015, company developed a separate system Flex-lock, allowing to add stiffness to standard shoes. This

system is not included in the kit and is complementary, useful when walking on hard icy slopes and traverses. It is divided

into two similar systems:

  • Old – Split 30;
  • New – Prime.
  • However, they are not compatible with each other.

    1. Karakoram Split 30 – one of the first kits allowing to lock bindings in

      walking mode. Locking a binding to a splitboard in skiing mode occurs by a mechanism that is integrated into the lower part

      of the binding.


    Price: $550
    For this type of kit Karakoram Split 30 bindings are suitable.

    This kit is sold with bindings.

    The body kit Karakoram Split 30 sold without crampons.

    Crampon: Split 30 Crampons.

    Price – $100

    1. Karakoram Prime– kit modified in 2014. The location of the lock mechanism

      was changed and binding platforms were improved, just as straps and heels.

    Prime-  Carbon-Solution-crop-600

    Price – от $670

    For this type of kit Karakoram Prime bindings are suitable.

    The body kit is sold complete with bindings.

    Karakoram Prime kit sold without crampons.

    Crampons: Prime Crampons.

    Price – $100


    Plum – a French company with a long history, specializing in ski bindings. In 2013, it was decided to release its own kit

    for splitboards, the creation of which took about two years. The kit is new, so it would take some time to test and

    eliminate possible deficiencies. In 2015, this kit begins to take its place on the market, pushing Voile and Karakoram.

    Technical design of the kit is similar to the Karakoram. Built-in mounting mechanism is fixed on a special platform, which

    is screwed to a splitboard.


    Price – €700

    For this type of kit Plum bindings are suitable.

    The kit is sold complete with bindings.

    Plum kit is sold without crampons.

    Crampons: Couteaux K’técrampons.

    Price – €89


    German brand in splitboard industry. The kit developed in 2012 and in many ways is similar to Voile. Pin latch locks the

    binding to the splitboard. This pin also acts as a joint in walking mode. At the moment, there is not much information

    about their operation.




    For this type of kit Splitcticks bindings are suitable.

    The kit is sold complete with bindings.

    Splitcticks kit is sold without crampons.

    Crampons: Splitstick crampons.

    Price – €120


    Three years of research in one of the garages in New Zealand resulted into a new kit for splitboard, released in 2013. A

    novelty was the special system of fixing the binding in the walking mode, which is suitable for the Ranger bindings and

    plastic TLT boots. Binding fixing is similar to the Karakoram. At the moment, the system is not completely ready, effective

    systems for fixing a plastic boot is still developed and company tests their own hooks connectors.


    Price – от $630

    For this type of kit Ranger bindings are suitable.

    The kit is sold complete with bindings.

    Ranger kit is sold without crampons and connectors hooks.

    Crampons: Ranger crampons.

    Price $100


    This is an American company founded in 2005. The most versatile kit, which is compatible with both standard and splitboard

    bindings. One of the cheapest kits. Simplicity and reliability – the trump card of the manufacturer. The main disadvantage

    of this kit at the moment – the incompleteness of the set. The missing pieces of walking system need to be purchased

    separately from the Voile Company.

    CompleteSet 2

    Price – $91

    The following bindings is suitable for this type of kit:

    • Any standard binding with a 4×4 system;
    • Voile, Spark, Volkl, SP, Burton

    This kit is sold without bindings and crampons.

    IMPORTANT!!! K2 Mounts are compatible only with K2 boots.

    The kit for a hardboot

    Voile Splitboard Hardware for Splitboard

    Bindings + Voile Hardboot Bindings – an

    optional adapter to the complete kit – this is all you need for a plastic boot. Fits AT (standard ski boots) and the TLT



    Price – $55

    Voile Splitboard Hardware for Splitboard Bindings + Spark Dyno DH bindings – bindings, similar to Voile,

    which also allow the usage of AT and TLT boots.

    Price – $250

    To facilitate the kit and to take advantage of the TLT shoes you should replace existing walking mechanism to a special


    Spark-  Bindings-Dyno-DH-1415-02

    Phantom – one of the most successful developments for hard boot. The kit is completely self-sufficient and

    requires no other parts. Easy to use and lightweight make it a leader in systems for hard boots. The kit is only compatible

    with TLT boots.

    3_side_view     6_techToeIn


    Price – $950

    Splitboard bindings

    Karakoram, Plum, Splitsticks and Ranger are only intended for use with the corresponding kit, and without them the

    functioning is impossible. These bindings are already described in the section above. We consider close attachment that

    does not come with the body kit. They are Voile, Spark, Volkl, SP, Burton and K2. All of them are suitable for Voile and

    Prowder kits.

    Voilé Light Rail – the classic bindings for a splitboard. They are fixed with a pin. A special cable that

    connects the upper and lower buckles provides fast quit.

    Price – $275

    Spark Blaze&Burner – analogue to Voile. Fixed with a pin.

    13-  14_blaze_black_lowres_02 13-14_burner_black_lowres_02

    Price – $299/329

    Spark Arc&Surge– improved model. Pin system completely redone, no

    longer need to remove and insert the fastening part at ride/walk change, enough to raise / lower the binding’s toe.

    Arc-Magma-Front-web     Surge-Cinder-Front-web

    Price – $385/415

    Volkl Fastec Splitec Alu, SP FT Split, SP SLR Split – Rapid fastening now in splitboarding. Fixed with a


    v1516_bind_fastec-splitec-alu_f   6393563956

    Price – €299

    Burton Hitchhiker Snowboard Bindings Burton and Spark joint development. Almost a copy of Spark Surge, but

    with a slightly modified design and a reworked highback.


    Price – $440

    K2 Kwicker bindings – an interesting design from K2. Platforms play a role of complete bindings. Fixing

    takes place by means of special projections on the platforms, which are connected with special grooves in the sole of the

    shoe. Minus of the system – no highback, and compatibility only with K2 boots.


    Price – $200

    Boots for splitboard

    Soft boots splitboard

    To all bindings, other than K2 absolutely any snowboard boots will fit. In this article we take a closer look at

    specialized freeride and backcountry boots. They are characterized by enhanced rigidity, extreme durability, improved sole

    presence, welts for crampons – are focused not only on the ride, but also on walking on different terrain. Purpose of such

    boots – walking and riding far beyond the resort: glaciers, moraines, firn snow. There are not so many manufacturers.

    Deeluxe Spark Summit&XV&XVE

    csm_spark-summit-brown_e31c5b425b csm_spark-xv-  grey_138f100b7f csm_xve-black_433fb780a8

    Deeluxe Spark Summit & XV & XVE

    Joint Deeluxe and Xavier de la Rue development. Increased stiffness, back welt, the Vibram sole, speed lacing,

    thermoformable liner. In 2015 was presented a new XVe model with an adjustable rear strep to improve the comfort in walking


    Price – €599/399/630

    Fitwell Backcountry&Freeride

    Italian development. A mixture of technology – a hybrid of mountaineering and snowboarding boots. Classical zonal lacing,

    strep, back welt and rubber protection have created a simple and very functional boot. More details on this product can be

    found in the article Report about Fitwell Backountry boots..



    Price – €425/450

    Thirty Two MTB Jeremy Jones

    Joint development of 32 and Jeremy Jones. As Deeluxe, this shoe is equipped with the Vibram sole, BOA system, ski/walk

    switch, waterproof gaiter.

    mtb-jeremy-jones-  black-orig

    Price – €540


    This is a completely new approach to boot locking and fastening system. Special plate at the base of the boot connects with

    binding by a special latch enabling rapid enter. Total weight is minimal.

    k2snbd_1516_bts_stark_black k2snbd_1516_bts_stark_outsole

    Price – €540

    Hard plastic boots with TLT mounting system

    These boots borrowed from ski-tourists are presented on the market by manufacturers such as Dynafit, LaSportiva etc. Main

    advantages are low weight, fast and easy transitions, greater comfort on traverses. This segment is represented by a lot of

    models from different brands. Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

    0efc3b6e-161f-42dd-9bbf-13490df9742a_36    La-Sportiva-Sideral-  Alpi-18777P


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