Paragliding in Georgia

On this page you will find a brief description of the possible options for tandem paragliding with an instructor in Georgia. If you are a solo pilot, you will find a lot of information here.

What you need to know

There are two types of start for unpowered paragliders:

  1. The most conventional option is to launch by running on higher ground
  2. Towed launch using a special paraglider winch – engineers developed this technique with two goals: 1) to be able to launch from flatter terrains 2) to make launching and landing in mountainous areas safer (since the pilot and passenger do not need to jump off a cliff – the risk of a botched launch is minimized, and the landing is anticipated in a safe, flat location). The advantage of the winch is that the system allows the wing to be raised very rapidly to an immense height – 600-1000 meters above the ground, regardless of the weather, which also has positive safety implications.

In Georgia, both types of launch are available for unpowered paragliders. However, only one company provides launch services using the winch system –

Flights in Georgia using a winch system

Paragliding in Tbilisi

This is the most popular place in Georgia for towed launches, since the start is only 20 minutes from the city. In clear weather, the snow-capped peaks of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range are visible; the flight itself takes place near the city, so all the landmarks are clearly visible from the air.

paragliding in Tbilisi

Paragliding in Kakheti (Kvareli)

Flights take place not far from Ilya Lake: to one side there is a view of the Alazani Valley and its endless vineyards, while bordering the valley to the other side is a mountain range that reaches to a height of around 3 km.

paragliding in kakheti

Paragliding near the cave-city of David-Gareja

These are flights with views of the David-Gareja desert landscapes. Most often, a trip to flights in this region is combined with a visit to the monastery complex.

paragliding georgia

Paragliding near Uplistsikhe

This is a beautiful foothill landscape not far from Uplistsikhe cave-city. Paragliding here is also combined with an excursion to the cave-city.

paragliding in Georgia

Launches from slopes

Paragliding in Gudauri

This is the most popular place in Georgia for mountain flights. There are seasonal characteristics: in winter, the weather conditions are ideal for flights with passengers. Spring and autumn are off-season, characterized by abrupt weather changes. Summer is considered the high season, but local weather conditions demand much from a pilot’s professionalism (so as to avoid mistakes during launching and landing, as well as whilst in the air).

paragliding in georgia

Paragliding in Kakheti (Sighnaghi)

Flights with views of the Alazani Valley. The launch takes place very close to the city of Sighnaghi, and landing is on the plain at the foot of the slope from where the city is located.

Paragliding in Svaneti (Mestia)

Svaneti is a very beautiful, but rather inaccessible region of Georgia. Flights here are possible if the weather conditions permit, while the views from the air are very impressive.

georgia tandem paragliding

Paragliding in Tbilisi

Not far from the city (near Tbilisi Sea) there is a small slope where solo paragliders train. Short introductory tandem flights are provided at the same location from a low start.

Paragliding season in Georgia in different regions

In winter, the main location for paragliding is Gudauri. Since this is a ski resort, flights take place directly from the highest cable car points (which, unfortunately, are not available in summer). Flights do not take place in other locations in winter.

Spring. In early spring (until mid-April) paragliding is still possible in Gudauri. The towed launch season starts in April. Short introductory flights are possible from low slopes (Sighnaghi and Tbilisi Sea)

Summer. At this time, flights are available in all of the places listed above. The only thing is that the closer the start is to high mountains, the more difficult and unpredictable the weather conditions become.

Autumn. The first half of autumn, like summer, is a great time for paragliding in all locations, apart from at times when there are strong seasonal winds. In the second half of autumn there are fewer good flight days, but all of the starts are still available.