Dear Guest! We welcomes you in our hostel! We try very be comfortable and cosily to you and we appreciate mutual understanding and respect. Please read some of the rules being in our hostel!

These rules apply to all persons staying in the hostel WildGuru.

Check-out time12.00
Breakfast08.00 – 10.00
Supper18.00 – 20.00
Shuttle car to ski lifts 09.00-11.00

At any time you can drink tea in the dining room on the ground floor of the hostel.

  • Upon arrival at the hostel guests will be charged the cost of reserved suites according to tariffs for the whole period.
  • In our hostel we accept children of any age, while parents monitor the behavior of their children in order to secure their rest and comfort of others.
  • We ask you to observe fire safety rules. It is highly recommended not to leave unattended operating electrical appliances.
  • The building of hostel WildGuru is is non-smoking area!
  • It is forbidden to open flame, the use of pyrotechnics, electrical handicrafts.
  • Guest shall be liable for lost or damaged property hostel. In the event of such an event should contact the hostel.
  • In the hostel it is forbidden to use and possess any kind of drugs, explosives, weapons, chemical and bacterial agents that pose a threat to health and life
  • In the period from 23.00 to 07.00, please show special respect for other guests and any discomfort is caused by loud music or other noise.
  • The administration has the right to terminate the hostel accommodation of any person that make aggressive actions towards other people or property of the hostel, including in a state of strong alcoholic or drug intoxication (without compensating the fee for accommodation).

If you have met any questions or problem situations – contact the Administration! We will try to help you!

Yours faithfully,
Administration of hostel WildGuru