Snow in Gudauri

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“Gudauri” resort lies at an altitude between 2,000m and 3,300m above sea level. The location is renowned for its surrounding areas, which are ideal for ski tours and freerides at altitudes from 1,400m to 3,700m. Before discussing the snow in Gudauri, I would like to point out in advance that it is not possible to […]

Climbing Ushba, September 3rd – 6th, 2018

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Authors: Anton Balitskiy, Sergey Ichenets Some time ago I asked a well-known Georgian mountaineer, “Who should I climb Ushba with?” and got the stern reply “with friends”! I’d now reply in the same way. 22 ropes, 25 hours on the road, reverse gear lost, but so much experience. Here’s what happened. Of all the remaining […]


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We have hosted the 2nd International Khorisar Backcountry Camp! On April 8-14, 2017, 13 experienced freeriders came to Georgia from all over the globe; accompanied by WildGuru guides, they ski toured to a plateau of the Khorisar volcano for a 5-day freeride in one of the most fascinating regions near Gudauri: wild mountains, beauty of […]

Kurvatura first run

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Some people believe that in Gudauri and the surrounding mountains are mostly sloping fields. 22/01/2017 we have dispelled this myth by exploring colouir network near Gudauri. The terrain of these places is completely different from anything around the resort. It is a challenge for the most severe and demanding riders! 2 couloirs are explored now, […]