Backcountry in Tuyuk-Su (Kazakhstan): 20-30 May 2020

7 days’ backcountry in the zone of Tuyuk-Su glacier, Tuyuk-Su aiguilles, Manshuk Mametova and Molodezhniy glaciers (Kazakhstan). Tuyuk-Su is a new point on the ski tour map. You can become one of the few riders to leave your autograph on the slopes of the northern Tian Shan Mountains. There are rocky couloirs, steep glacial slopes, […]

Chaukhi Backcountry Camp – May 2020

Chaukhi Backcountry Camp is a backcountry camp in the Chaukhi Massif area (Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, Georgia). Dates: 2-10 May 2020 Chaukhi is a unique massif in the Caucasus Mountains. The rocky peaks of Asatiani (3842 m), Javakhishvili (3733 m), Leonidze (3746), Cameroni (3722 m) together with the peaks of Tikanadze (3436 m), Takaishvili (3422 […]



Araghveti is a unique freeride spot near Gudauri resort area where riders have a chance to ride forest zone even in a bad weather. Aspect to the North keep the snow in powder conditions and forest protects against strong winds. Average steepness, diversity of descent lines and various terrain are the visit card of Arakhveti. […]