Tetnuldi is the summit, located on the spur of the Main Caucasus Range (Upper Svaneti, Georgia). 2B route (in Russian classification) is the classical ascending route on mount Tetnuldi. It takes 6-7 days including acclimatisation days and reserve day in case of a bad weather. WildGuru guides offer you to climb the mount Tetnuldi together! Date: 27.08.2018 […]

Tuyuk-Su Camp 19-30 May 2018

Tuyuk-Su is a new spot on the ski tour map. You’ve got a chance to join the few riders who will put their signatures on mountain slopes in the northern Tian Shan. Nothing is lacking in here: rocky couloirs, sharp glacial slopes, snow fields and even ski mountaineering lines. Tuyuk-Su Camp is designed for those […]

Trekking Chaukhi – Shatili

This is a simple, interesting and very beautiful passage in the mountains of Georgia, from one region to another. In this hike we will see not only Chaukhi mountain range with Abudelaurskimi lakes, but also visit one of the oldest settlements – Shatili. This single complex has a plenty of towers and performs the function […]

Mountain hike Chaukhi – Omalo

This is one of the longest and at the same time amazing hiking in Georgian mountains. It starts in Alpine village of Juta. The first days of the route are close to Chaukhi array – a system of rugged mountains, towering above the sea at an altitude of over 3,500 meters. At the foot of […]